EPI-NO Childbirth and Pelvic Floor Trainer

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The EPI-NO Delphine Plus is the ideal tool to help you connect with your pelvic floor as you prepare for birth. The biofeedback component of the EPI-NO is helpful during pelvic floor strengthening as it allows you to see your ability to contract your internal muscles.  Biofeedback also helps you learn how to relax your pelvic floor muscles which is vital for birth and the delivery of your baby. Pelvic floor strengthening can begin at any point in your pregnancy and the EPI-NO can also used for perineal massage in the final weeks of pregnancy.  Perineal massage can help you avoid perineal injuries which can contribute to pelvic organ prolapse and postpartum incontinence.

How the EPI-NO Delphine Plus Will Benefit You and Your Pelvic Floor

  • Clinical trials show a significant reduction of perineal injury in vaginal births
  • Second stage of labour is considerably reduced which lessens the stress for both mother and child
  • Less analgesic medication is required
  • Reduces anxiety and enhances your self-confidence about birth/delivery
  • Simple to use and easier than manual perineal massage
  • Biofeedback gauge improves the quality of pelvic floor exercises
  • Optimal device for speeding the regeneration/ recovery process
  • Aids in increased sexual satisfaction postpartum 

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